Saturday, March 22, 2008

American Car Show 2008, Helsinki, Finland

The first day is over, and the first day went really well. The race taxi was well accepted by the public and many were exited to see such a special purpose for a VW van.

The day before the car show. Building the show booth.

Some of you may notice the transformation of the Porsche. Mika spent 8 hours making the graphics on it.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Race taxi almost ready for car show

There has been some progress during the last days, and the race taxi is almost in shape to be officially shown for public. Some vinyl graphics are still missing as are a couple interior panels, but we should get them sorted out tomorrow.

Making the roof interior.

Fresh from the vinyl cutter.

The rear bumper and grille between rear lights installed.

The Race taxi yesterday, waiting to go to Helsinki for polishing.

Ready to go. The Race Taxi is 2cm too wide for the trailer, so it's a quite tight fit at the trailer rear lights.

We found a Vanagon badge from our stash of T3 Transporter parts. The vanagon badge is a bit exotic over here, because these are usually Transporters or Caravelles. Actually this car was sold as a "BUS", so it had a "BUS" badge at the rear.

The laws about modifying cars are quite strict in Finland, but so are laws about towing trailers. This combination looks very suspect...

In this pic you can also see the South Africa lower grille. Looks good!

The Race Taxi polished and waiting to go to the Car show. The paint started running in many places when the car was painted. The lighting in our garage isn't very good for painting, and it's even worse when painting light colors. Black is much easier to paint.

Hopefully this will be sorted soon when we get a painting booth near the garage.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

The car got a taxi sign

Seems like only two pictures have been taken the last couple days. We have been so busy making the car that we haven't had the time to photograph it.

We got the polycarbonate windows done, so it was time ton install the windshield. With one of our last cars we were really unfortunate, we tried to install the windshield three times, and kept breaking it (not the installers fault, the window frame was probably bent or something like that), so we weren't really looking forward to this job A windshield in good condition was a real find, or so we thought. When finally getting the windshield in place, we noticed that it read "Securit" on it... For safety reasons you can use only laminated windshields in racing, so I guess we'll have to find a new one.

The rear seats are installed, and at the moment we're making the interior at full speed.

The race taxi has to have a taxi sign. The sign is the same as the official taxi's use in Finland. Seems like near the airport, the finnish "taksi" text is often replaced by the international "taxi".

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The paint has dried, time to work

Oops, seems like I forgot to press the post button when I made the last update this sunday. It's corrected now, hopefully the frequent readers will enjoy a double dose of our car.

The paint had finally dried so se began finishing the car for the car show. Just one weeks left, yikes!

As front lights you just have to have darkened lights with angel eyes. The front is still waiting for the South African lower grille.

This picture was meant to show how low the car looks with the front spoiler installed. You can barely see the front spoiler when you look very closely...

The roof was painted black with a roller to get a vinyl look. You can also see the just installed polycarbonate windows.

Luxury model rear light trim combined with blackened rear lights. The "service" hole in the back is well covered up and there's a nice room for the licence plate between the lights.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Outside painted white

This weekend was spent painting the exterior. We had to get the car painted to stay somehow

The front brakes installed. There isn't much room between the 17" wheel and the brakes.

We took the car outside when we cleaned the garage to prepare the paint room. We also cleaned the car and did the final sanding.

Damn it's low...

A pic from the inside. The first layer of black was painted earlier. The final layer will be painted once the exterior has dried. In this order it seemed easier to mask the surfaces we didn't want to paint. Also the roof will be painted black.

Car in the "paint room".

Painting in progress.

A picture from the rear left corner.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Exhaust, fuel system and engine wiring ready to go

The car should be ready by 21th March, that's when the car has to go to American car show. So there's only a couple weeks to get the car ready.

A picture of the ready fuel collector tank. It's a smaller tank that comes between the fuel cell and the engine, reducing fuel starvation especially when the fuel level is low.

A closeup of beginning to make the exhaust tubing.

The same part as above, now with tubing extending to the turbocharger.

A picture of the fuel cell and collector tank.

The ready exhaust tube.

The location of the fuel pumps. We use two pumps to deliver fuel from the collector tank to the engine, and a smaller pump to deliver fuel from the fuel cell to the collector tank. The collector tank will be pressurized to 1bar.

The front brakes. Comparison of the old stock disc to the new T4 front disc.

The relays and fuses mounted.

The steering column lock is usually removed in race cars, so we had to find a good place for the startbutton and ignition switch. The six point safety belts made locating the switches a challenge, because you can't reach many of them when the belts are tightened. The fresh air system switch was mounted in the same spot as the startbutton. Blinkers and windshield wipers will be with the stock switches. The light and emergency flascher switches will be in stock locations and you won't need to and won't be able to reach them while driving.

The engine almost ready to start.