Wednesday, June 24, 2009

VW Open, Car show and drag racing - Another broken engine

After the successful dyno day we attended the VW-Open. In addition to a car show you could take your car to the strip, so ofcourse we had to attend with the race taxi.

At the starting line. Everything was still good at this point.

Returning from the strip. Engine broken...

The sound from the engine is the same as the last engine damage. Probably a broken connecting rod bearing again. Felt bad that the engine only gave us one half run on the strip after the strong performance it had on the dyno.

Thanks to Ville Käki for the pictures!

Video of the beginning of the acceleration. Before the engine started making noise. Thanks to Jyri for filming!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Slugs dyno day

We got the new engine running in time for the annual Slugs Dyno day. Our club has since the beginning a couple years back had the highest horsepower, so we were hoping that everything would be in order with the new engine.

284hv/391Nm according to the Tuningworld dyno. Highest nubers of the day! The video is a bit longish because they needed several pulls to get a good result.