Thursday, June 19, 2008

Back to work on the Race Taxi

It's been a bit quiet lately because of other stuff hindering working on the car.

Something new. A video recording system with suction cup mounted bullet camera. This will probably be used as a rearview monitor for our passengers, so the camera will be mounted on backwards on top of the car.

We also bought a data logger on ebay, but more about that once it arrives.

Most of yesterday was spent cleaning the garage and making space for the car.

We got a Porsche to keep the Race Taxi company. The car hung on top of a crane as an advert for a local radio station, after which the listeners could vote if it will be dropped or if it will be the main prize for a lottery between the listeners. You can probably guess the results.

We got interested of the car because they were supposed to drop it head first. Dropping the car backwards pushed the engine about 20cm forward which resulted in the firewall bending the frames of both seats useless. We haven't had a closer look inside yet, but it doesn't look good.

The first we did was to remove the ads on the car.

A picture from behind shows the whole truth.