Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Preparations before first race track event

Right after the car show Mika took an angle grinder and removed the front wheelarches. New ones were made by removing arches from another car, welding on a 50mm strip of steel and the new wheelarch was then pop riveted into place.

Widened side door hinge. It is 22mm wider than original to clear the center lug. We tested with just the new wheel that the side door had plenty of space, but the massive nut for the wheel wasn't taken into account. :)

The tool to tighten the wheel nuts. 75mm. Borrowed from Pekka.

A picture from under the car. We took the car to Erno's car lift so we could do some minor details under the car. We ended up spending a week there when we rerouted everything under the car. It was so uncomfortable doing it in our own garage, and getting the whole picture when the car was lifted up was enough to convince us of doing it again.

When the car was up, we decided also to add a bit more steering angle at maximum lock. ;)
Much time has also gone into going the car through one bolt at a time.

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