Sunday, September 13, 2009

Boxer speed day

We were drag racing at the boxer speed day. We arrived a bit late, and it had started to rain, but we still managed to get the prize for the fastest van.

The race taxi isn't really made for drag racing. The drive line isn't made for such stress, so we had to take it easy when leaving the line and shifting. The clutch overheats because of the stock position of the turbo, and even though we have made heat shields they don't seem to help. We'll have to move the turbo to the rear of the engine during the winter.

The day was a success. We did 30-40 acceleration runs and the car was still functioning after them. Every time we were at the drag strip we had two or more passengers.

Mitsubishi Evo 9 on the left lane. I guess we need more power. Link to the video.

A stock similar Transporter on the right lane. We gave a bit handicap to it, but couldn't catch up because of a shift miss from 2nd to 3rd. Link to the video.

A video from outside, looks as lively as from the inside. Link to the video.

Thanks to Jappe for the videos!

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